Temporary Exhibition: Marek Radke. Gold, Silver and…
The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Contemporary Art | Staromłyńska 1, Szczecin, Polska


Marek Radke, referring to the words of Bożena Kowalska, is an artist of exceptional colour sensivity, joined with subtle, shy poetics. Colour, form, object and space are four most important features of his art. They are often accompanied by the fifth element – ultraviolet light directed to fluorescent paints adds next dimension and different perception possibilities to the works. 

He began as a painter. Gradually, introducing the rule of modularity, he turned to building objects and spacial structures. Radke creates abstract geometric painting compositions, objects and installations, which he calls "paintings-objects". He is also the author of a series of works inspired by particular subjects, paintings reduced to synthesis. 

The exhibition "Gold, Silver and…” presented at The National Museum in Szczecin since January 11th to April 8th 2018 is the newest series of the artist's works, firstly shown at  Kunstverein Oerlinghausen in 2017.


„Marek Radke creates an intriguing, colorful world, appealling equally to emotions and intellect, simultaneously opening new spaces for asking questions. What will happen if colours and shapes have their own meanings? If one colour obtains particular, overriding value and is able to rise over the others in mythological, material and even - as far, as its ingredience is concerned - economic meaning?

The artist, seeing this area of issues, in the "Gold, Silver and..." series observes the possibilities, strength of radiation and influence of these noble metals. [...] Does silver arise other emotions that graphite that glitters in the same way and is an artwork made in gold more expensive for this reason? Is a work of art in these colours more beaming than the one in red and blue, and, if yes, what is beaming in it: gold and silver or associations and ideas related to them? In other words: what actually defines the value of gold and silver? […]” (Alexandra Sucrow, part of a text from „Złoto, srebro oraz…” exhibition catalogue, Szczecin 2018).


Marek Radke – born in Olsztyn in 1952. In 1972–1978 he studied art and pedagogics at University of Gdańsk and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. 

In 2008 he obtained a scholarship of The Pollock-Krasner Foundation (New York, USA). In 2012 he won Art Prize of the Kunstverein Paderborn and Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold. His creating areas are painting, installation, photography and drawing. He lives and creates in Bad Driburg in Germany.

In 2002 he was a curator and participant of "Kompakt – Konkret – Konstruktiv" international exhibition at The National Museum in Szczecin. The exhibition consisted of works by several dozens of artists consciously operating with miniature, works small enough to be held in a CD box.

He took part in numerous individual and group exhibitions in, among others: Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Slovakia, The USA, Hungary, Italy. He cooperates with important galleries in, among others, Cologne, Antwerp and New York.


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"Marek Radke. Gold, Silver and…"

The National Museum in Szczecin - The Museum of Contemporary Art
1 Staromłyńska St.

The exhibition opening: January 11th (Thursday), 6.00 P.M., free entrance
The exhibition open until April 8th 2018

Curator: Marlena Chybowska-Butler
Organizer: The National Museum in Szczecin


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