S/s "Kapitan Maciejewicz" Mast Will Stand in Łasztownia
bulwar Gdyński, Szczecin |

Maritime symbol of Szczecin returns. As soon as before this year's Sea Days, the Mast from S/s "Kapitan Maciejewicz” is to stand in a new location – in Bulwar Gdyński.

- After numerous discussions and consultations we have chosen a location, that, in our opinion, is the optimum one – said Deputy President of Szczecin Daniel Wacinkiewicz during a press conference. – It has also been warmly greeted by the sailing environment. We have agreed that the maritime symbol of the city, which The Maciejewicz Mast definitely is, should return by the water. Łasztownia was, therefore, a natural choice, properly presigious, exposed, eagerly visited by Szczecin citizens and joining numerous elements creating the maritime character of Szczecin.

The Maciejewicz Mast is to be set in Bulwar Gdyński, in front of Lastadia Office building, in a functionally adapted square. – This is a proper surrounding, the new heart of Szczecin – commented Piotr Owczarski, the originator of Sailors' Avenue. – We would like the Mast to play also a representative role in this place; to be a meeting point of the whole environment and a location of celebrations, events, e.g. the sailing season opening.

The venture is possible to be carried out on account of a loan agreement concluded between the City of Szczecin and the Mast owner - The National Museum in Szczecin. Presently, design documentation for the new location is being prepared. Next, the contractor for further works will be chosen. In spring, the Mast is to undergo a major renovation. 30-ton-heavy construction will be carried to its destination probably by a waterway. It is to be set in Bulwar Gdyński till June this year, before the opening of the Sea Days. The total cost of the whole venture is estimated to ca. PLN 400 thousand.

[The City of Szczecin Press Office]