The National Museum in Szczecin Exhibits in the City Public Space: The Museum Rescues Technical Monuments.


After "cranosaurs" there is the turn of "Maciejewicz Mast's", that is, a famous lifting device from s/s "Kapitan Konstanty Maciejewicz", in the old days berthed at Wały Chrobrego boulevard and performing the function of Maritime Secondary School. According to a decision of The City of Szczecin, the "Maciejewicz Mast" returns to the Odra river bank. It is to be located in the surroundings of Lastadia Office, presently fashionable nad frequently visited Szczecin spot. It is a great satisfaction for The Museum, as the exhibit's legal status has been regulated after nearly 30 years. Like with "cranosaurs", The Commune of The City of Szczecin borrows the object from The Museum (an institution subordinate to the Local Government of West-Pomeranian Voivodeship), taking over the responsibilities of the investor and custodian in the public space. The National Museum in Szczecin has been supporting the protection of technical monuments for many years. Former longstanding Museum Director Władysław Filipowiak saved several elements of s/s "Kapitan Konstanty Maciejewicz" and took them to "maritime open-air museum". Together with the Mast, they had to constitute an open-air nautical exposition under Trasa Zamkowa viaduct junctions. The project has never been carried out.  

The "cranosaurs" have been rescued by The Museum several years ago and today they are a decoration of the boulevard in Nabrzeże Starówka. Let us recall, that The Museum has also taken over a narrow-gauge railway exhibition in Gryfice from Warsaw Railway Museum. It was also the initiator of establishing of The Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin and Maritime Centre of Science. There is also the "maritime open-air museum". We hope that renovated monuments will also be located in present port areas in the future, contributing to carrying out the outlook vision of the "heart of the city" return to the river bank. Further Museum objects in the public space are anchors in Adam Mickiewicz Square, in the fountain plinth in Tobrucki Square (former location of Sedina) or in the gardens of "Cuma" Youth Hostel at Monte Cassino Street. The Museum exhibits – the militia vehicle used for pacifying demonstrations and an armoured vehicle – may also be seen in an open-air exhibition in The Museum of Polish Arms in Kołobrzeg.  

Lech Karwowski, The Director of The National Museum in Szczecin


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